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GMail Is Too Creepy!

Have You Paid Your Home Property Taxes?

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phptHaving a home of your own comes with many benefits. You are required to pay property taxes every year as you enjoy the many benefits that come with having a roof over your head. You can learn how to file tax online to meet set deadlines. It is vital to consult a tax professional for back tax help to ensure the home remains yours. Penalties and late charges can accumulate if you do not observe set deadlines. You can call the IRS office to be advised how to pay off back taxes. It is important to be vigilant to ensure you file the right tax amount.

If you are struggling to pay your property taxes, talk to a tax professional to find out if you are eligible for a compromise. Paying your taxes in installments is possible when you request for back tax help from the IRS office. You must have a credible reason to be considered. Be careful when you approach companies that promise tax relief to avoid being swindled. Furthermore, you should never pay upfront to receive help; get in touch with a tax attorney to be advised further, if your local IRS office has not solved your tax problem.

Bankruptcy And Tax Debts As A Way Of Tax Relief Help

Another way of achieving tax relief help is by filing for bankruptcy. This however, is only applicable if one meets the requirements for discharging taxes. The law allows for a complete discharge of allowable debts. At the same time, it allows for a payment plan to offset some debts while discharging the remainder. The new bankruptcy laws treat tax debts equally, though not all of them are liable to be discharged in bankruptcy. There is a criterion that allows a discharge to be met and each tax debt is associated with a given tax return and tax year.

The tax debt has to meet five rules for one to qualify for tax relief help from the IRS when they file for bankruptcy. For a start, the due date for filing a tax return must have been at least three years ago. This includes extensions of due dates. The tax assessment must have been at least 240 days old. The assessment is from self – report or IRS final determination from an audit. The tax return must be free from fraud and the applicant must not be a fugitive. Finally, the taxpayer must not be guilty of tax evasion. At the same time, a petitioner must provide a copy of the most recent tax return to the court where bankruptcy has been filed.


Internet Still A Thousand Times Bigger Than We Would Have Thought

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What is changing now that’s relevant to this discussion is the communications infrastructure. It may not matter how much capital Cisco, US West and others invest in the next stage of high-speed Internet access. Instead, it will be the smart group of vendors, telcos, ISPs and, yes, military conversions that will drive the next generation of global networks. For example, it is no secret that submarines can already communicate with optical transmission up to 4000 miles, and have been able to do so for some time. Could this mean that optical amplifiers will play a big role in the next-generation Internet? The “magic” will come to the applications that require high-speed access and microbrowser capability.

Too many corporate intranets are already tied to costly, slow portals that get bogged down in messaging traffic, much like AOL can with consumers on a busy e-mail day. However, as this generation of AOL “newbies” gets used to online services and begs to have the Web subsume their growing data appetite (more – for less money!), will these end-users really want to have their telephone, mail, TV, movie rental, virtual meetings and classroom-based education bogged down on one portal? Probably not. What’s more, visual components of key interest here are needed for e-commerce to really get the high growth rates. We will need another generation of internetworking technology development.

Is the Gold Rush over? Has it started?

The expansiveness of the Web certainly offers plenty of bandwidth for pure speculation, as evidenced in those famously overvalued ‘Net stocks, many of which are seeing some pullback as we go to press. Today’s gold mine can become tomorrow’s ghost town. I don’t need to list the escalation/de-escalation cycles of Internet stocks here; you can go to any market analyst and get the same scenario. The real investment opportunity, I underscore again, is in the communication infrastructure. That last mile to the house – the deployment of fiber cables and billing – are the central issues for the RBOCs to go forward.

It is ironic (and not all “pure” free marketers see it) that the applications fueling the speculation about the federally-funded NGI (Next-Generation Internet) and the UCAID Internet 2 development are telemedicine and higher education. Both of these applications were dropped by the RBOCs after much fanfare in the mid 1990s and very little return on investment to show for the development effort.

Why infrastructure now? Is the phenomenal growth of the Internet fueling the demand fires – or do applications requiring higher bandwidth still go begging? If you were to compare the 890 billion spent by AT&T in its acquisition mode to the $92 billion promised to fund development of Internet 2 by universities, research centers, vendors and the government, there is an interestingly close match for funding.

Video for real?

This new infrastructure of communications will finally make it possible to address the issues of video asset management as it relates to extending multimedia and video processing capabilities. Even though Ameritech seems to be the last RBOC betting on video dial tone, nothing is out of the picture for the next-generation ‘Net. One reason: broadband head ends, which are notoriously difficult to tune because of the RF component, will be very difficult to integrate into the packet switched AT& T network. Ditto for end-users still trying to forget the fiasco of ISDN and place their bets on first out-of-the-box ADSL.

The only reasonable profit center for the telcos, including MCI/Worldcom and Sprint, is in the backbone capability of the next ‘Net. For development of digital video networks, the big story is the adaption of the IP (TCP/IP was the original Arpanet backbone technology) network layer for all the different OC layers, which is based on Sonet technology developed by Bell Labs (now Lucent).

The Abiline project at the University of Chicago is one example of the layers of Sonet technology that is being studied for full-scale gigaPOP (Points of Presence) deployment. The range of applications for tele-immersion ranges from 2.46 Gb/sec (OC-48) to 9.6 Gb/sec (OC-192) with connection speeds that range from 155 Mb/sec (OC12) to 622 Mb/sec for OC 12. This is deployable Sonet technology expected to bind peer-to-peer relationships in near-real-time. The answer is to have the POP servers located as close to the university as geographically possible.

Pandora’s box

Who will write the code for this new generation of network devices that want to be attached to the “anywhere at any time” concept? Is it Java to Jini, is it CE to a Symbian terminal – or will it be Linux?

I invite you to e-mail me with your own thoughts as developers on that competition (, since there are scenarios there to be explored in some depth – later.

At this early stage of internetworking development, we are more likely to see video scaling of the Internet work before we have any grand scale deployment of standard code. The code development for vBNS (very-high-performance Backbone Network Service) as defined in 1996 by Ucaid as a superset of NFSnet, is expected to combine the viability of incorporating differentiated broadband services into Wide Area Nets (WANs) on a national scale. The production code must include distributed storage with multi-cast video tools. These online content development tools have not developed yet and will require the creative content capability to be merged with the educational requirements of a university professor and scaled down to the level of that Mr. Holland in “Mr. Holland’s Opus”.

Fuel for net profits – n demand?

Even AT&T admits that the technical challenges to offer phone service over cable lines using Internet technology is very complex. The technology is only in the incubator stage and probably won’t be deployed until some time in 2001.

There are several vendors who are jumping on the high-bandwidth bandwagon today. The Enron Intelligent Network uses optical technology with built-in intelligence to capture a portion of the high-end market. The first applications are intended for the broadcast and content provider market. Entitled ePowered Media Cast and ePowered Media Transport, these network applications, developed in conjunction with Sun Microsystems, utilizes IP technology and the company’s patented InterAgent middleware.

The whole business, like that of natural gas provider Williams in the now-Intel-backed Williams Communications unit, came out of the broadband comm needs of Enron as energy explorer and provider. Talk about pipelines! Furthermore, start-up comm provider Conxion Corp. (San Jose, CA) has signed a pact with Williams Networks, which gives them a fiber backbone of OC-192 speeds in 125 cities.

And note: This concept of paying on-demand for services that a business requires is a highly profitable business. For example, if a Fortune 500 company has a specialized application such as image analysis that requires advanced digital photography, they can “rent” this dedicated portal with high-speed access instead of using the company intranet. Conxion has a similar business model with high-speed access up to OC-192. When Cable & Wireless stated that it would cost over $670 million to build an OC-192-capable network – anyone can figure out the profit in such an endeavor.

Over 75% of the applications-hosting business is derived from managed Web hosting, which can eventually be converted into application hosting, a market that is the envy of such vendors as Oracle and Microsoft. Other examples of ISPs getting access to large fiber networks include PSINet’s deal with IXC Communications OC-48 network and a similar network capability for Qwest from Apex Global Internet Services. The latter is significant since the ISP had to offer up equity for the transaction. By embedding Enron’s Interagent on every server, the network can be configured for event messaging, usage-based messaging and billing, bandwidth scheduling and user-defined Quality of Service (QOS) to the end-user.

Keeping Your Data Storage Safe

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There are usually indications that should alert you to the fact that the storage locations for you files may be in a dangerous position. There are sounds that will signify to you that if you do not take the chance to have a proper back up for your documents then you might have to resort to the services of computer data recovery.

The first sign that you should watch out for is the presence of sounds that do not seem normal. These include sounds like clicking and scratching. When you hear these, you need to take appropriate measures to have your documents stored in other locations as well. Usually, you may notice too that the computer may shut itself down unexpectedly. This is an indication that soon, you might lose your hard drive.

drive-checkAlso, when you suspect that you might have lost some files, there is a need for you to contact an expert as soon as possible. Resorting to issues like refrigeration may just result in even more complications. Consequently, trying out some recovery methods that have not been proven to work will only make the work of computer data recovery a hard nut to crack. You may make the process even harder by trying to get to the hardware parts of the storage system.

Computer data recovery comes as a result of loss of data. Data loss is one of the worst nightmares one can experience especially for the person who uses their computer all the time. In the present world, computers are a very essential part of everybody’s life, from the businessperson to the student. People use it to communicate, store data and sometimes work with them in the offices. Computer data loss comes because of several things.

One, if you are constantly using the internet, you get exposed to viruses. This requires you to have a strong antivirus which is very necessary for your computer’s protection. When you purchase an anti virus, you should put into consideration one that you can update. When your computer is attacked by a virus, one of the signs is that you tend to lose your data without necessarily having it deleted. Also, you may have accidentally formatted your disk losing all the data that was in it. This is one thing that may lead to panic and confusion making you act in a way that could lead to further damage of your hard disk. When you realize this has happened, simply switch your power off to avoid any overwrites. Computer data recovery is a process that could take hours or even days. This depends entirely on the way the data has been lost.

“With increasing use of computers, there exists a chance that they might fail on you, or suffer some sort of damage that will cause the data and information contained within to be lost. The good news is, the data can be retrieved, but only if the correct computer data recovery methods are utilized. The cost for doing this will vary with the circumstance though, and often times will require some investment on the part of the owner.

Computer data recovery tools, software, hardware, and professionals have become increasingly popular nowadays. This is because the number of data recovery cases keeps rising, despite the overwhelming information available on how to keep data safe. Among the most common is having a backup of the data, something very simple to do, but ignored by many. If you do not have a backup of your data, please do so now. It will save you unnecessary expenses in the future.

Back to the costs of computer data recovery, and hardware failure will cost more to repair than a simple deletion. The expert will base their price on the situation at hand, and whether or not you have been involved in the rescue efforts. Getting involved is sometimes a good thing (like disconnecting a virus attacked server from the network), while other times its bad (physically moving a hard drive that fell from its perch). In any case, survey the situation, and then call in the expert guys.

Everyone including myself would love something that is easy to learn and use. One advantage of using computer data recovery software is this. Every of the software available in the market has a wizard to use. This makes the process simple and very exciting. When you use online software recovery, you do not need to think a lot. All you have to do is to click your next button on the wizard and sometimes the option of a yes and no. Just in case you have never had any knowledge about computer data recovery before, you do not have to panic in any way since the procedure that is provided for you is simple.

Another good thing about the use of software is that you do not need an expert unless your hard disk is badly damaged. When you have been faced by a natural disaster or physical damage of your hard disk, you will need to immediately inform a specialist. This is because a hard disk is a very sensitive part of the computer and if it is tampered with, you might not be in a position anymore of recovering your data.

Software is easily available. One place that you can always find one is on the internet. All you need is just an internet connection and you can download your software.

Tips On How To Do A Computer Data Recovery Process By Yourself
“The first step for you to do is to determine the cause of the loss of data. For example, if you have accidentally deleted a file or two and they are not even on your recycle bin, try and look for your backup copies before panicking. They might just be hidden somewhere. Also, try using your search option on your computer to help you in searching for the file. If you fail to find it, this is the time you will need a software which will help you in the recovery of this kind of data. The software can be downloaded from the internet or purchased at the computer shop. Whenever you purchase this software, check all the details about it to ensure that it is compatible with your operating system and hardware.

Follow the procedure using the wizard provided for you and determine whether your data has been retrieved or not. Another thing you can do to find your lost data is to seek help on the internet. Presently, there are
online companies which offer the computer data recovery procedure through the internet. Log onto the website, sign up to create an account and follow the computer data recovery process. The admin of these websites should be able to help you achieve your goals of recovering your data.

Considerations Before Recovering Data With The Help Of A Professional Service

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Many companies have found it very necessary to invest in data recovery to avoid the setbacks that come with the loss of very crucial data after their key computers crash. It is vital to have a back up or a recovery plan to avoid losses if you want to ensure that your business continues without major difficulties. Many companies that offer data recovery services are cashing in on data recovery prices and competition has been taken a notch higher by offering various unique programs to fit the target market.

To avoid being shortchanged as you seek these services it is very important to consider whether there are upfront or hidden charges, especially on the for hard drive recovery companies you find on the internet. Some companies add fees in the process even if it was not initially agreed on at the start of the contract. It is good to compare the data to be recovered to the price being charged. Some companies charge very high data recovery prices compared to the data being recovered and the size of the drive. Any additional pricing should either be that of buying a new drive to store the recovered data or the shipping fees. It is good to evaluate data recovery pricing based a number of key factors to ensure it’s affordable, and you get great value for your money.

Important Considerations
Data recovery is the process through which lost data is recovered after being damaged or deleted. The recovery is typically performed in a service laboratory or through a insurance based recovery program where you personally undertake the process. It’s a fact that data recovery prices will vary and sometimes the prices are indeed exorbitant, whereas some are way too low to be true. The main goal is to make sure all the contents from your damaged hard drive, USB, memory card, mobile phones and digital cameras are transferred to safe storage for further use.

Affordable data recovery costs can be a tricky issue because they vary depending on the specific action you want taken. The prices can range from as little as seven dollars to well over one thousand dollars. The difference between the pricing is often so big, but quality service should almost always be the major factor to consider, especially if you are talking about a RAID appliance, or other extremely important data storage device. Some cheap software programs are a raw deal because they fail easily and they are not an assurance to recovering all the data you need. Unfortunately many people end up paying very high prices for services they would get for a cheaper price and in an efficient way. It is up to the buyer to go through instructions of various programs to ensure you get quality service in the data recovery prices.

What Is It That You Want Back?
Files, documents, e-mails, pictures, photos and videos are some of the data that can be lost in various ways such as deletion, attack by virus, drive reformatting, drive crash, device malfunction and other mishaps. Unique features drive us to the software we look for, but price and affordability are factors for a lot of people, unfortunately.

Most of the file recovery software have preview screens that show the amount of data that can be recovered when the product is being used. You can also filter the information you want to recover by using the file name, size, where it was stored and even by using the date. These software products also give scanning options that are very fast and data that was lost and not recoverable using other tools is recovered and classified in very nice formats to avoid the hassle of reorganizing all of the time.

These are some of the unique qualities that we look for in data recovery software. These unique qualities do not mean that the data recovery prices have to be very high and unreasonable but the price should be pocket friendly and affordable to all since we will require it from time to time.

Computer data recovery comes into play when you lose data due to physical electronic failures or software-based data corruption. There are some important computer data recovery tips that can be very helpful for users. Some people try to solve the problem even if they are not skilled enough to do so. Never try to remove the cover of the hard drive as may cause further damage to the unit. You should attempt to use data recovery software only if you are familiar enough with it. Sometimes, it may hinder the recovery process if you mistakenly try to use computer data recovery software.

When such a problem occurs, the users are highly recommended to shut down the computer immediately. Why to shut down? Shutting down prevents any further damage. Because powering up and down may damage the disk more. Hard drives have such a very delicate structure inside that slight shock or vibration can result in serious damage to it.

If you computer data become totally inaccessible and you think that there is something wrong with the hard drive, you have two solutions. Either call a computer data recovery expert or send the drive to the expert. In case, you decide to send it to the expert, make sure you have packaged it correctly to avoid damage in transit. The best packaging would be the original box and packaging of the hard drive.